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# HandWashingDetectionSystem
# Instrumented Hand WashingDetection and Monitoring System
University of Freiburg, Master of Science, Master Project at the Chair of Computer Architecture, 2021, Instrumented Hand Washing Detection and Monitoring System
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## Description
In the literature some work can be found which focuses on detecting hand washing events. Their overall goal is mostly to improve hand hygiene of healthcare staff in medical environments, like e.g. hospitals.
The hand washing detection and monitoring system which will be built in this master project aims at a different goal. It wants to establish an automatically triggered camera-based ground truth data recording system which can then be used in many different studies. One novel example is the detection of obsessive-compulsive hand washing with wrist-worn devices.
Already existing is a wrist motion data recording software for Android smartwatches (<a href="">see here</a>). Currently there is no context in the collected data, no ground truth is automatically recorded. This gap should be filled with:
* **Bluetooth beacons** placed at sinks, which communicate with the smartwatches. Start and endpoints of hand washing activities (as ground truth) can then be detected with rough accuracy instead of asking the user for it. This gives a primary evidence.
* An **automatically triggered video recording system integrated into an electric soap dispenser**. After placing this device appropriately at a sink it should record ground truth video data each time when someone is washing hands. Timestamp information can then be used to associate the videos with the wrist motion data from the smartwatch. This provides a secondary evidence.
* A **flow rate sensor** added to the soap dispenser setup. This should then be utilized to add more accuracy to the detection of hand washing events.
## Roadmap & Deliverables
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